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Synthetic Rubber

Jonathan Wright
Synthetic Rubber
EDGE projects London

PV Wednesday 13th July – 6-9pm
14th– 30th July
Thursday – Saturday 12-5pm

Jonathan Wright makes sculpture, installations and drawings, he observes and subverts functional structures that support and service our everyday lives. A pylon, a water tower, a fence and a ridged hull inflatable boat (Rhib). Transport, communication, transmission and survival are subject matter.

Wright uses scale jumps and fetishized material selection to investigate and subvert the ‘everyday’ engineering that we take for granted. Question the Rhib for example; hanging here limp and deflated, a transport traditionally used for emergency services in city rivers or short taxi crossings from a luxury yacht to the shore, now synonymous with the exodus of Syrian human traffic. Or question; Wright’s water tower, flaccid, slumped and yielding is both a surrealist trope, like Man Ray’s Cadeau, (an iron with a line of fourteen nails) and a reflection on the different value of water in different societies.

Jonathan Wright (b.1962) 2015: 'Incunabula', Norwich Cathedral Library, Norwich. Creekside Open, selected by Richard Deacon. 'Tidemark', Solo show, Curious Projects, Eastbourne Freshair 2015, Quenington sculpture park. Limbo Open curated by Adam Chodzko ‘Thinking Drawing’, Curious Projects, Eastbourne. 2014: ‘Penthouses.’ ‘Lookout’ Folkestone Triennial 2014, 2013: 'Shoes selection No 8' Shoes or no shoes, Kruishoutem, Belgium. 'Public Broadcast' with Folkestone Fringe, Lisbon Architecture Triennale. ‘Profound Riches’, for Hoodwink at The Forum, Tunbridge Wells. 'Fresh Air', Quenington Sculpture Park. 'House Of Gold', Chenies Manor House, Buckinghamshire 'The Poster Show', Plus Arts, Lord Mayor's Parlour, London.